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Global Pandemic halts Jackson’s tracks

2020 has/is turning out to be a very strange time. From starting the year full of excitement and hope, it’s looking likely that the new Subaru won’t make its competitive debut until 2021! The global pandemic that everyone is fully aware of has eliminated any form of mass gathering of which, a rally event is categorised as with a large number of entries, marshals, officials, medics and so on. With all the championships the team had registered for in 2020 now cancelled, efforts are turning towards 2021.

However, in more positive news, the team have been able to take an opportunity to complete a day’s test session in the car at Forest Experience in Mid Wales. After damper upgrades amongst other component rebuilds, a marked improvement was noticed in the car, particularly the driveability and performance. Matthew will now tackle some further rebuilds and changes ahead of the 2021 season to ensure the car and team are in the best position possible when there is a return to the stages!

Lockdown wasn’t all bad news however, Matthew is pleased to announce some discounts and affiliation with some fantastic brands:

Superb range of motorsport orientated tools, from impact wrenches for wheel nuts to very neat looking headset holders, they have a superb range which will cover all of your needs. For a great 10% discount, please use code: MJACKSONKSP10

Matthew is now an affiliate of Ravenol Oils. The Subaru runs on these great quality lubricants so we have first-hand experience to recommend the products. For all the oils needs, please use the link:

A petition has also been raised to allow rallying back in Wales. If you want to see us out there, see more updates and generally want to see rallying back, please sign the petition!

So for now, that’s it from us. We will continue to drip feed the social media accounts with updates and photos!

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