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2010 - 2013


The years between 2010 and 2013 would see Matthew contest a vast range of events across the UK hunting down the all important experience and seat time to take forward. The main emphasis was put on completing events as well as upgrading the home built machine to take the battle to the higher owered machines. Alongside this, Matthew began his university coure in Motorsport Engineering at Coventry University. 2012 and 2013 would show the direct proof of this with Matthew taking the S1000 rally title, the start of a string of titles for the youngster. 


Roskirk Stages 2010 - 34th O/A

Lee Holland Memorial 2010 - 28 O/A 

Mid Summer Stages 2010 - 38 O/A 3rd in class

Woodpecker Rally 2010 - DNF Suspension

Cambrian Rally 2010 - Course Car


Bulldog Challenge Rally 2011 - DNF Fuel Pump

Jim Clark Challenge 2011 - 16th O/A 1st in class

Mid Summer Stages 2011 - 27th O/A 1st in class

Trackrod Challenge 2011 - DNF Driveshaft

Cambrian Rally 2011 - 7th O/A 4th in class


Wyedean Rally 2012 - 105th O/A 3rd in class

Somerset Stages 2012 - 79th O/A 3rd in class

Plains Rally 2012 - 98th O/A 3rd in class

Jim Clark Challenge 2012 - DNF Driveshaft

Nicky Grist Stages 2012 - 59th O/A 2nd in class

Woodpecker Rally 2012 - 84th O/A 2nd in class

Cambrian Rally 2012 - 59th O/A 3rd in class


Dale Stages 2013 - Test Event

Jim Clark Rally 2013 - 12th O/A 1st in class

Nicky Grist Stages 2013 - DNF Driveshaft

Woodpecker Rally 2013 - 84th O/A 4th in class

Cambrian Rally 2013 - 34th O/A 4th in class



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