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As we head into the second half of the 2022 rally season, Matthew & Sasha hold the class championship lead as well as 3rd two wheel drive vehicle overall in the Motorsport UK Ravenol Pirelli Welsh Rally Championship. A great start to the year, exceeding the expectations of the crew, but nonetheless, a superb position to take forward for the rest of the year.

The goal for the championship remains clear, maintain the performance evident so far and seal the class championship win. To ensure the team can continue with the same level of performance and commitment, Matthew & Sasha require a level of assistance for the forthcoming events.

There are a huge number of different costs associated with each event in the calendar, ranging from the event costs, to car maintenance, replacement parts, travel and so on. Matthew & Sasha would like to invite partners to the team in order to aid with some of the pure event costs for each of the remaining rounds.

‘By breaking down the pure event cost, we can speak to interested parties about a contribution towards a specific item. That way, their input is purely justifiable rather than just simply asking for money towards the championship as that has little meaning. Equally by breaking this down by each event, it will highlight the different tyre costs at each event, a different amount of fuel used etc to personalize the approach for each event’.

You will see the event costs associated for the forthcoming Nicky Grist Stages on 9th July by clicking the play button on the video below. Based in Builth Wells, the event is set to be a great spectacle with it also being a round of the British Rally Championship. The event therefore hosts all of the best gravel championships in the country, the perfect platform to continue our championship campaign.

By contributing to one of the above costs, we will ensure that the relevant, agreed promotion and advertising is put in place. It’s simple and quick to add stickers to the car, however, we see the importance of announcing names & supporters far and wide which is why, all our partners will receive a dedicated social media post, pre & post event press releases, images from the event and as much air time as we can during the rally weekend. Of course, remaining anonymous is also perfectly okay!

So, if you can help in anyway to any of the items for the Nicky Grist Stages (or even others!), please get in contact using the button below!


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