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Jackson returns

After a rather unplanned sabbatical due to the worldwide pandemic, some good news has arisen from the Matthew Jackson Rallying Camp.

Welcome, the Ford Fiesta R2T:

‘I am extremely excited to get my hands on the Fiesta with a move to the R2 category. For a number of years, I have aspired to own and use one of these FIA homologated machines, it’s certainly more of a level playing field to anything I have done before. We are chopming at the bit to get going, however we are just awaiting the final documents from the DVLA before we can do so, as well as refresh some of the mandatory safety items to bring in line with the dating convention from Motorsport UK’.

Whilst there are no firm plans and commitment to events for the remainder of 2021, focus will be on ensuring the car is in as best possible condition ready for the 2022 season. That said, some testing mileage as well as the potential of 1 or 2 events towards the end of the year are certainly on the horizon.

For 2022 specifically, there are 2 main options:

1) BTRDA/Pirelli Welsh Gravel Rally Championship

2) Closed road tarmac events (including Protyre tarmac championship, an Irish event etc)

More on 2022 soon as we start to welcome some more supporters and partners for the year. Until then, it’s back to the garage, look out for some more pictures and information soon!


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