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In an ever changing world, it is extremely important we protect and enhance our environment. Motorsport is a medium whereby villages, towns and cities thrive with the additional income and exposure that an event brings but doesn’t necessarily promote the ‘green’ and environmentally friendly image, regardless of the work that is put into these areas in the background. To this end, we at Matthew Jackson Rallying are super excited to have teamed up with Carbon Positive Motorsport to change that.

Carbon Positive Motorsport is a new organisation which believe that motorsport should and can create a positive impact on the environment. This is crucial in the sustainability of rallying and motorsports as a whole moving forwards. The statement we can commit too at this stage is: throughout the remainder of 2021 and throughout 2022, the carbon levels generated by the fuel usage of our rally efforts will not only be offset, but increased by a further 25% to make a positive impact on the environment. This is carried out in such way such as planting trees, rewilding projects as well as environment restoration projects, all within our own shores in the UK.

Matthew commented:

I am thrilled to team up with the guys at Carbon Positive Motorsport. We are all on the same level in that we need to do something to protect our sport as well as the environment in which we compete. The deals they have in place to be able to offset the carbon sound amazing! We really will see a difference in the environment and even better that they are all based in our own country.

It’s a hugely exciting development and I am very glad we can provide a positive impact to the environment through our rallying efforts’

For more information on Carbon Positive Motorsport, please visit:

We will provide updates on our partnership, events where we will be attending and can be met as well as updates on the progress of our offsetting work as we complete events.

The first opportunity to do this will be after the Visit Conwy Cambrian Rally on October 30th. Matthew will be driving the zero car, the competitive safety car ahead of the first competitor on the road. More information including spectator information for that event can be found at


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